Use your words, not your fists: This blog is one of the ways I will use my words instead of hitting the folks that I believe are responsible for the insanity that exists in the practice of primary care. Boundaries: Instead of bringing all my patients home with me or showing up on their doorsteps with my concerns and my advice both solicited and unsolicited advice on ways to improve their health, I will put together some pages with my current thinking on the most common questions patients ask me Sharing: My style of practice and many of my recommendations change over time. Many books, blogs, pod casts and documentaries have influenced my personal and professional development. Over time, I will post reviews, summaries and thoughts on those influences.

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  1. Hi!
    I saw your comment on Behind The White Coat about reading “Being Mortal” . I am almost done with the book – totally impressed with the writing, the work, the perspective, and most of all the truth each chapter holds.

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