Not Work Related


Garden maze

Sometimes, I completely forget that my life isn’t just about work.  One of the many joyful things in my life is my 1950’s ranch house that sits on about 1.5 acres or so.  For reasons, I no longer remember, I decided last year that I would copy this lovely maze that is probably much better suited for the English garden where the original grows.  I know NOTHING about geometry and I cannot ever make anyone understand the depths I will go to avoid math.  Still, I thought, how hard can this be? I couldn’t make the maze print onto graph paper no matter how I tried, so I made it the size I wanted on my computer screen and traced it onto graph paper right from my computer screen.

This should have been a clear sign that I should just go to Bridge’s End, in England and enjoy it there. But, nooooooo.  This will be fun I thought. After all, anyone can make a raised bed garden right? Why not make it ridiculously difficult? So, I have started over many times. Moved the boards around more times than I can count. Finally, I understood that I should use a ruler to measure sections on the graph paper before just “eyeing” it and trying to make it fit. I learned that a 45 degree angle on the paper is still a 45 degree angle on the ground. I learned that one should take into account the thickness of the boards when measuring.

I have learned that other folks will sometimes volunteer to help me.  I think it is such a weird thing to do they just want to keep an eye on me as they wait for me to show further signs of mental instability. I know that we will usually end up arguing over the proper angle or length of boards.  As many times, as I have started over, and argued with whomever is helping me over where we should put the next board, it is still fun.

Today, after a year of working on this thing off and on when I am home, I finally figured out where I keep screwing up and began the long process of moving things about again. I used a ruler and a I think it is called a protractor to draw it out on graph paper after I realized that I cannot make it fit exactly like the one in England.  But I took a very long time to make the proper adjustments on the graph paper to keep true to the maze.

I feel happy about the whole project and hope to complete the upper half this year. Raised beds from recycled 2×6 redwood fence. This is fun. This is fun. This is fun.

At the same time, I am working on making a chicken coop, getting the above groung pool ready for summer, planting and starting seeds, pulling weeds and countless other projects all at the same time.  Life is just so full of event right now. Not all of them are work related.

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