Chronic Pain


I don’t know why I am so immersed in this subject right now. It is just the way that my brain works. I am reading every book that I can find right now. I just can’t get enough knowledge about chronic pain syndromes.

When I go through these periods of fascination, I am hyper focused. I read books, listen to audiobooks, tear pages out of journals, search the net and pod casts for information. I am following a few blogs of folks with chronic illness.

The hardcovers just arrived to compliment my Kindle and Audible copies of  Nation in Pain, The Emperor’s New Drugs and Being Mortal. I am still wading through How to Manage Pain Before It Manages You.

We had a discussion today about Arthur Boorman from the “Never, Ever Give Up” video.  In my opinion the video should be playing on endless loop in every medical office in the United States.  None of us really understands how to help people find the sort of motivation and courage that Arthur shows.  We all agree that “ganas” is the most important thing. Without it, nothing improves.

What motivates you? What inspires you? How do you motivate or inspire others?

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    • Some day I will share a little about my own experiences with chronic pain. I will say that hearing my child say ” We never asked for a ( chronic condition) for a mother. In that instant, I changed my focus from looking for reasons, or causes to getting my life back.
      Arthur Boorman is such an inspiration to me. Watching him get up each time that he falls down or gets hurt inspires me. My patients inspire me too.

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