These boots are made for walkin’

These boots are made for walkin’


It is that time again. Time to move on to my next clinic. I have worked locum for about 7 years now. This means that I have had to learn to make friends fairly quickly.  Making friends with co-workers and forming attachments to patients is one of the things that makes saying good bye so difficult.  Good byes have become easier over time.

These next 3 days in this clinic will go by quickly as I struggle to tie up all those loose ends in the charts.  It means that I may not get to see the outcomes of a few of the “zebras” that wandered into the clinic in what seemed like a herd. It means I will not be working with the amazing Nurse Practitioner and the brilliant Physician Assistant, two of the brightest guys I know.  I have learned so much from them and can’t help feeling that I have so much more to learn.

On the other hand, I am doing a happy dance to get away from that one physician he who will not be named.  The squeezy feeling I get in my heart when I see I am following one of “his” patients will ease up. Rolling my eyes at  3 years of cut and paste notes leaving me with NO clue what is going on with the patient since every note for 3 years states they are here for hospital follow-up 5 days ago. Bye, Felicia.

I am looking forward to the new place. I have spoken with the medical director a few times and I have met so many of the admin folks and everyone seems great. I no longer feel the need to try to make myself sound like the person that they want. I have learned that it is best to be myself from the beginning. I am outspoken when it comes to my philosophy of healthcare and if we are not a good fit, better to know that right away. So far this place sounds wonderful ( except for the commuting).

The new job is closer to home. I will be sleeping in my own bed every night. I will have time to wear my gardening boots and my hiking boots this summer. Time to read under the grove of trees in my hammock with walls made of sunflowers.  But tonight? Organizing and packing so I can leave right after work on Thursday.

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