It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated

My family, my tribe is complicated. I once tried to draw a genogram and there just aren’t enough types of lines to describe how we are related. Once we welcome you into this tribe, you are always part of us. Divorce and separation never change that for us. That makes us very complicated, but speaks to how deeply we love.

Today, I hear that someone once very close to me is dying. My heart is breaking for him and his family.  Even though they will always be part of our tribe, we are not part of theirs in the same way. It would be awkward to sit vigil as he prepares to be welcomed into paradise. I have been holding him in my heart and in my prayers all day. In my mind he is still the young handsome man I knew as a cousin. He played a huge role in the life of my children

in the early years. We laughed so much. He acted as mediator when the father of my children and I were both acting irrationally. I pray that his journey home to God is a peaceful and painless as possible.

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