Enough Vaccines?


RLv7Fey-WMKIT4HAY30w6vwcSW3NaHJOd0i0hYT1UHvjbbX3ep0mZO_jtHkKKQXkl4hH=s85    Here are my questions of the day.   What is the end goal of childhood vaccinations? How many vaccines will be enough? Will we vaccinate against every illness with the goal to create a society in which no one is ever sick?

We are beginning to learn to keeping our children squeaky clean may be one of the many reasons for the explosion in children with asthma and allergies. Keeping this in mind, what are the possible consequences of protecting us from all illness?

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  1. Surely the answer is obvious – stop children being disabled by, and dying of, easily preventable infectious diseases.

    The rise in asthma and allergies is thought to be related to insufficient stimulation of the immune system in children leading to hypersensitivity to allergens. One could postulate that more vaccines might fix that, too =P

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  2. The whole working of our immune system is fascinating, isn’t it? I have heard many theories about this generation of sickly kids. One of the more interesting is that we keep our kids inside to much and that the exposure to all our crazy housecleaning chemicals is triggering. As a purely non scientific example- I had measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, scarlet fever, “whooping cough”- what used to be called “usual childhood illnesses”. I played in dirt, ate questionably safe foods as a child. I can count on the fingers on one hand the times I have been sick as adult. My immunity was formed the old fashioned way. My most recent titers show immunity to all those illnesses. I understand that many of the current measles patients had actually had the MMR.

    I do think that eventually we have to stop with the immunizations. I am shocked at how many kids are getting these days. When you say when we can stop children becoming disabled or dying, are you saying that we need to prevent all infectious diseases? I worked in a children’s hospital for 6 years and I did see children die of infectious diseases so many times. It was heartbreaking, but many of the children were vulnerable, severely neurologically damaged children with trachs.

    I want to go slowly before deciding we need to prevent ALL illnesses. I don’t know if that is even possible.
    Thank you so much for your comments and questions. As you can I am very new to this.


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